Arrivée précoce et en force des asperges vertes du Mexique provoquée par le cyclone

Earlier arrival of asparagus from Mexico causes downward pressure on pricing

Supplies of asparagus coming into the U.S. are good right now.
Charlie Eagle, vice president of business development for Southern Specialties, says that supplies out of Peru are slightly lower than they were this time last year. “Our white asparagus deal from Peru runs throughout the year, and we are the largest supplier of this product in the nation,” says Eagle.

At the same time, Mexico is also starting to ship asparagus–slightly earlier this year in Baja due to plentiful rain brought on by Hurricane Kay, which hit the region in early September.

More supply, better demand
As for demand, it’s normal for asparagus. “Asparagus consumption continues to grow overall,” says Eagle, adding that Southern Specialties offers a variety of pack styles for consumers. “The increased supplies will create additional opportunities for consumers to enjoy fresh asparagus.”

All of this means that prices are currently lower than this time last year due to those earlier arrivals of asparagus from Mexico.

However, inflation is a concerning factor. “Logistics, fertilizer, and packaging costs continue to stress profitability,” says Eagle. “We work hard to maintain costs for our customers.”

Looking ahead over the next few weeks, Eagle adds that it continues to expect good supplies and demand for asparagus.

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