Boom in orders of Italian asparagus from Europe (

Plantis Group: “Figures are increasingly satisfactory”

Boom in orders of Italian asparagus from Europe

“Demand for asparagus has increased by 40% during the last week alone, with average prices of €4/kg. Most of our produce is commercialized in Scandinavia in 250 and 500 gram bunches. Asparagus are a spring product and, although the harvesting calendar is very short (late March to late May), figures are always satisfactory,” explains Claudio D’Alba from Plantis Group, a company from Puglia that exports Italian fruits and vegetables to Europe.

“Multiple dozens of pallets are shipped every week. We managed to do even better in the past, but the abnormal weather of this spring – with frequent and prolonged temperature drops – slowed down production by as much as 70%. We work with 6 growers in total, 80% of which are located in the Foggia province and the rest in the Viterbo area, meaning our supplies are constant. Asparagus used to be considered a niche product up until a few years ago, while now the market is livelier even than other types of vegetables.”

Claudio D’Alba explains that growth could speed up over the next few days, so quantities will be higher also thanks to a more stable weather in southern Italy. However, larger quantities do not worry the manager. “Demand is very high and, while it is true that the warm weather would make more quantities available, it is also true that milder temperatures will make consumption increase. In northern Europe, asparagus are mostly eaten barbecued and families want to spend time outside despite the crisis.”

The benefits of eating asparagus include the action carried out on the kidneys, as they have a diuretic effect that helps drain toxins from our organism.

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