In Holland, the asparagus market ends excellent Easter weekend

Peter de Blaeij, De Blaeij wholesalers:

“Asparagus market ends excellent Easter weekend”

Easter is over, but asparagus sales are continuing well at wholesaler De Blaeij. “It has been a very good weekend,” says Peter de Blaeij. “Demand was very good and prices were, as usual, at a high level. Meanwhile, the price has fallen somewhat to 10-12 euros per kilo, but we certainly cannot complain. ”

“Everything is also going well in terms of supply. There is enough asparagus to meet the demand and there are few issues. Currently they come from the greenhouse and the heated cultivation. The temperatures for the open ground are currently a bit too low, but according to our regular grower they will definitely come when the temperatures rise again,” says Peter.

Peter has been working with the same grower from the Brabantse Wal for many years. “We can always offer beautiful and high-quality asparagus to our customers. It is striking that Belgians prefer to eat coarser asparagus than the Dutch. Double A and triples always do very well here in Belgium, we see this again this year. ”