Peruvian asparagus exports decreased in the first seven months of the year

Peruvian asparagus exports decreased in the first seven months of the year

From January to July 2022, Peruvian asparagus exports in all their presentations (fresh, frozen, and processed) contracted by 7% in volume and 9% in value over the same period of 2021, totaling 78,957 tons and 239 million dollars. The main destinations of Peruvian asparagus exports in this period were the United States, Spain, and the Netherlands; which together accounted for 79% of all exports.

US purchases declined
Peruvian asparagus exports to the United States totaled 44,702 tons (-14% year-on-year) for 117 million dollars (-16%), accounting for 57% of all shipments. Eighty-seven percent of shipments consisted of fresh asparagus, which totaled 38,921 tons (-14%) worth $100 million (-15%).

Spain increased its purchases
Shipments to Spain reached 12,041 tons (+11%) worth 36 million dollars (+5%). With this result, Spain remained the second main destination, with a 15% share.

The largest exports to Spain corresponded to the processed presentation, with sales totaling 6,637 tons (+2%) worth 20 million dollars(+2%). This presentation had 55% participation.

The Netherlands makes an important leap
The Netherlands was the destination with the highest growth in this period as shipments totaled 5,428 tons (+13%) for 22 million dollars (+11%). The European country positioned itself as the third most important destination for Peruvian asparagus, with a 7% share.

Exports of fresh asparagus to the Netherlands totaled 4,558 tons for 19 million dollars (-1% less volume and value than in the previous year), accounting for 84% of shipments (-11%). The country imported 217 tons of frozen asparagus (+220%) for 560,000 dollars (+245%). As a result of this strong growth, this presentation gained 2 percentage points of participation, reaching a 4% share. Finally, Peru exported 653 tons of processed asparagus (+301%) for 2.5 million dollars (+385%), making it the fastest-growing presentation. This result allowed processed asparagus to increase their participation to 12% (i.e. 9 percentage points more).