The regularity in the quality of our asparagus is very much appreciated by our clients by FreshPlaza

“The regularity in the quality of our asparagus is very much appreciated by our clients”

This year again, the first white asparagus to launch the French campaign are those of ASPA2  , a company located in the department of Indre-et-Loire. The harvest took place even earlier this year, thanks to the weather which was favorable for the growth of this vegetable appreciated for its delicacy. “We are nearly one week early this year. This is due to the weather we’ve had in the autumn and winter,” explains Jacques Guironnet of ASPA2.

Jacques Guironnet

Abundance of large calibers expected at the beginning of the season
These weather conditions also explain the very satisfactory quality of our asparagus this year. “We have some very interesting calibers. The season looks really promising in terms of quality and volumes. Overall, our strength has always been the consistency in the quality of the asparagus we offer. This regularity, both in taste and visually, throughout the season is very much appreciated by our clients in France and abroad.”

The share of asparagus marketed outside of France continues to grow year after year, in line with a production that is also increasing. “We sell a lot to European countries like Germany, but also on the Asian market.”

A heat network that creates a double advantage
This unique precocity of the ASPA2 asparagus is made possible thanks to a heat network system. “This is recovered heat, thus with zero CO2 emission. Using this heat source gives us a double advantage. First of all, it allows us to be the first to offer asparagus on the French market and among the firsts at the European level, but it also gives an undeniable qualitative advantage. Asparagus do not like variations in temperature, so the hot water pipes located under the claws make it possible to keep them at 20°C. The asparagus then grows regularly and without stress, which gives a premium quality without bitterness and without fibers, an ‘asparagus so tender that nothing is left on the plate’.”

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