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Présents sur les 5 continents, nous effectuons un accompagnement personnel et confidentiel de chaque producteur d’asperges qu’il s’agisse d’asperges blanches, vertes ou violettes. Durant tout l’itinéraire de la culture, nous nous adaptons aux conditions locales et particulières de chaque asparagiculteur et élaborons ensemble les techniques de production, de conditionnement et de mise en marché.

The Profitability

Essential for any busines, without neglecting the climate and the environment.

The Respect

of the environment in a world, where the climate is at the source of all debates.

The Valorization

Asparagus, and the empowerment of employees.

The Production

In relation to profitability, always more natural and organic.

The Climate

and climate change, especially the water rarefaction.

The Listening

Because the consumer remain the main link in the chain.

Personal and confidential support of each asparagus producer during the whole itinerary of his culture: adapting to the local and particular conditions of each asparagiculturist, we elaborate together the techniques of production, packaging and marketing.

100% of our
activities are

in all its forms

white, purple, green, conventional, organic, bios-dynamic, open field, greenhouse, above ground, fresh, frozen, dehydrated, canned …

We practice our profession with passion and humility. Each year, we help producers to grow the most beautiful asparagus according to their territory.

Christian Befve


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