Asparagus variations Dutch company launches Tasty Spears asparagus concept

Asparagus variations

Dutch company launches Tasty Spears asparagus concept

Teboza has launched an asparagus concept called Tasty Spears. This Dutch asparagus company wants to use this to allow consumers to enjoy healthy, fresh asparagus year-round. Tasty Spears is introducing people to these white, green, and purple vegetables’ surprising flavors and possibilities. The assortment consists mainly of convenience products. These include barbecue, stir-fry, and sweet and sour asparagus, and asparagus bundles. The concept is now available at a fresh market in Venlo, the Netherlands.

“Dutch shoppers are very familiar with white asparagus. With Tasty Spears, we want them to experience that asparagus offers many other possibilities and variations,” says Teboza’s Trudie Teeuwen. “Tasty Spears offers a year-round assortment of asparagus. That depends on seasonal availability.”

Discover the three colors
“Asparagus is healthy, tasty, very versatile and well-suited to a healthy lifestyle with endless possibilities. Besides the classic white asparagus, there are also the lesser-known green and purple varieties. We boost these with Tasty Spears. Green asparagus is flavorful. They’re very tasty off the barbecue, in a salad or stir-fry. Purple asparagus is sweeter and, therefore, very suitable for salads. Neither green nor purple asparagus needs to be peeled. So they’re quick to prepare.”

Convenience is an important Tasty Spears pillar. Most products are ready for immediate use. “Think, for instance, of green barbecue asparagus. These are sold in a grill tray with a little bag of olive oil. So, it can go straight onto the barbecue. We’re convinced that, with Tasty Spears, we can also get young people enthusiastic about asparagus. We’re going to fully capitalize on Tasty Spears asparagus’ healthy, versatile, easy character. That’ll be on online channels,” explains Trudie.

Year-round availability
Teboza is the largest asparagus grower in the Netherlands. They’ve been passionately cultivating this tasty vegetable for more than 75 years. “We not only farm in the Netherlands; we’ve also been doing so in Spain for many years. The Spanish asparagus plots provide fresh asparagus outside of the Dutch season.”

“We also work with selected asparagus growers in Southern Europe and South America. Freshness, sustainability, and responsible entrepreneurship are always of paramount importance. We want to make the world a little better, stem by stem (Spears), in a tasty (Tasty) way,” concludes Trudie.

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