Both Peru and Mexico faced with low asparagus supply by FreshPlaza

Both Peru and Mexico faced with low asparagus supply

El Niño has caused a drop in asparagus supply from Peru this season.

Usually, Peruvian supply peaks around this time of year. “However, volumes have been lighter than normal as El Niño affected the ferns over the summer,” says Walter Yager with Alpine Fresh.

Supplies are off by about 30 percent, and it is expected to take until summer 2024 for supplies to return to normal. With Peru representing about 50 percent of Alpine Fresh’s asparagus program, it is an extremely important sourcing country.

Peru is also the second largest asparagus grower in the world, behind China.

In addition to Peru, Alpine Fresh also imports from Mexico 12 months a year. However, supply from Mexico, the world’s third largest asparagus grower, is challenging this winter as well. “Supply issues in Mexico have compounded the availability issue,” said Yager. “This shows how important it is to source from both countries.”

As a result of supply issues in both Peru and Mexico, pricing has been historically high. “We hope that with El Niño expected to be lighter next year, supplies can get back to normal, so we can grow the category.”

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