Detlev Köster from Fruchtgroßhandel Köster on the start of the cucumber and asparagus season by FreshPlaza

Detlev Köster from Fruchtgroßhandel Köster on the start of the cucumber and asparagus season:

“German cucumbers are still very much in demand”

For about a week now, the first cucumbers from the Papenburg horticultural center have been available in stores in northern Germany. However, these are extremely small quantities that are traditionally offered at high prices. People still have to wait a few weeks for the larger calibers, says Detlev Köster, managing director of the fruit wholesaler of the same name in Lilienthal.

Despite high sales prices, the early cucumbers are selling quickly, says Köster. He also points to the high prices of imported cucumbers, such as those from Spain. “German cucumbers are still in particularly high demand, especially among our food retail and catering customers. Regionality is clearly the trump card there.”

Meanwhile, the first asparagus from heated cultivation is arriving from the northern German asparagus stronghold of Nienburg. “According to our grower, the heated area has been somewhat reduced this year, which in turn is due to minimum wages, energy prices, and sales problems in previous years. Nevertheless, early regional asparagus is also well received by our buyers,” said Köster, who also carries Spanish green asparagus in parallel with the German season opener.

The first Nienburg asparagus from heating cultivation is priced at 19.50-20.00 euros/kg on sale.

Johann Köster & Co. is now managed by Detlev Köster as a third-generation manager. The company is dedicated to supplying regional food retail markets, restaurateurs, processors as well as social institutions. For about two years, the family business has been acting as the exclusive supplier for SanLucar in the Bremen area. “With SanLucar, we carry a recognized premium brand that is very well received, especially by our food retail customers. Depending on the season, we carry the complete range from citrus to stone fruit, tomatoes to soft fruits and grapes.”

Strawberries from SanLucar.

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