Hights prices for french asparagus

In France the price for asparagus is ranging between €6.00 and €8.00 per kilo

According to Christian Befve, an international asparagus expert, the price of asparagus in France is very good. “The growers are satisfied, as producer prices fluctuate between €6.00 and €8.00 per kilo for conventional asparagus, and between €8.00 and €12.00 for organic asparagus.”

Street vendor in France. At the bottom right corner you can see the price of €9.00 per kilo.

These prices refer to asparagus of high quality and large caliber. Befve published a photo of a street vendor selling conventional asparagus for €9.00 per kilo.

 Christian Befve

In past years, Befve took part as an expert in the organization of the Asparagus Days at Cesena Fiera, an event coordinated by Luciano Trentini.