Mexico in peak asparagus production leading up to Easter by FreshPlaza

Mexico in peak asparagus production leading up to Easter

The supply of asparagus is good right now and it looks as though it will stay that way for the next few weeks. “Currently, Mexico is in peak asparagus production,” says Cruz Carrera of Five Crowns Marketing. “Last year we ran into weather conditions that hindered the overall volume of asparagus. This year weather conditions have been ideal and as a result, the industry is in very good supply.”
While Mexico ships asparagus year-round from a number of regions, right now production on the vegetable is underway in the Caborca region. The country largely has the North American asparagus market to itself given that Peru is done shipping its volumes and domestic production has not yet begun.

Aggressive promotions
As for demand, it’s good as well for asparagus. “The retail chains are aggressively promoting which is great for the industry given the amount of supply we are currently experiencing,” says Carrera. “Our direction is to continue promoting through the remainder of March.”

Ahead is also an early Easter this year–Easter is the biggest holiday pull for asparagus. “We anticipate sufficient supply along with strong demand for the holiday,” says Carrera.

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