Südwestdeutsche Saatzucht buys asparagus activities from BASF by FreshPlaza

Südwestdeutsche Saatzucht buys asparagus activities from BASF

The company Südwestdeutsche Saatzucht is strengthening its activities in the asparagus sector by the acquisition of the asparagus activities of BASF’s vegetable seed business, active in the market under the Nunhems® brand. On January 31, 2023 all activities were transferred to the new owner. Mutual confidentiality was agreed on the amount of the purchase price.

“Our existing portfolio of varieties, which covers the entire crop range, will be given an even broader basis by two new varieties from the BASF portfolio,” says Karl-Ludwig Nau, Managing Director of Südwestdeutsche Saatzucht. “The purchase also significantly broadens the genetic diversity, which in the long term leads to varieties that are even better adapted to the changing climatic conditions. Bringing together the expertise that have taken place so far helps to characterize the breeding material even better and to accelerate the development of new varieties“.

“We are pleased that our asparagus business has found a new home at Südwestdeutsche Saatzucht, a reputable asparagus seed breeder and a reliable supplier to the value chain. With the sale of our asparagus activities, we are focusing our portfolio on strategic growth areas in the vegetable seed industry,” affirms Dr. Ena Hartig, Vice President R&D of BASF’s vegetable seed business.

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