The green peruvian asparagus arrives in Europe by boat

Robert Kraaijeveld (Nature’s Pride): “Sales to Eastern Europe grew this year”

“Weekly green asparagus arrivals by boat from Peru”

The Peruvian green asparagus season is currently excellent. That is according to Robert Kraaijeveld of Nature’s Pride in the Netherlands. “Demand is stable. That’s mainly because there’s plenty of supply to the hospitality and foodservice industries again.”

Programs and planning
“Product availability isn’t an issue yet. The green asparagus cultivation area in Peru is shrinking somewhat. However, we have long-term partnerships with dedicated growers. So, we have no problems with availability. But air freight from Peru has changed since the pandemic. That’s in terms of capacity, reliability, and rates.”

Nature’s Pride receives weekly shipments of green asparagus by boat. “The quality is good. We want to optimize and scale up this transportation method even further. We’re, therefore, testing different techniques and packaging,” Robert continues.

Will interest in local production mean less interest for the overseas variety? “Asparagus don’t thrive just everywhere, and cultivation is labor-intensive.”

“This makes full EU production impossible at the moment,” Is Kraaijeveld’s answer. “Also, don’t forget that asparagus farming in Peru provides employment for thousands of people. In Ica alone, it’s 25,000 families.”

Growth in Eastern Europe
Nature’s Pride sells most of its green asparagus in the Netherlands. They also do a lot of trade with Scandinavian and German clients. “Also, this year, sales to Eastern Europe grew,” Robert concludes.

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